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The International
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You risk nothing. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Order your copy(s). If you are dissatisfied you may return your copy(s) within 15 days of receipt for a full refund. Pictures do not denote Vallot family members unless otherwise noted. This data is for you to do your own genealogical research. This book is not about your Vallot family but about the entire Vallot family nationwide. Book is not published annually but rather the content is updated as advertised. Vallot records in this yearbook were compiled and published by Mountain Pacific News.

Olde Vallot's in the Yearbook

What painful event befell the mother of ADONIS VALLOT on 12/20/1880?

What dubious Vallot family record is held by BERTHA VALLOT?

What did the government do to FRANK VALLOT in or around NY CITY, KINGS CO.?

What did CHARLES VALLOT do to JULIE ROMERO on 01/22/1827?

~ Our anchor publication about Vallot Family History and genealogy is The International Vallot Family Yearbook. Published since 1992, the Yearbook is updated constantly as new information becomes available for the Family.

The International Vallot Family Yearbook is divided into two sections. The first section is topical, containing general information of interest to a family historian. The second section contains Vallot data. In this section we publish the latest news in Vallot births, deaths, censuses, marriages, etc. This section is very popular with our readers.

So read away and enjoy your 2010 update of the International Vallot Family Yearbook.


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